About Matt

Matt Deacon is founder and Managing Director of inTHiNK Ltd that provides strategic professional services focused around three interrelated pillars:

 – Business & IT strategy
 – Architectural practice and guidance
 – Cloud readiness and enablement

Services are offered right across the application (or service lifecycle) and the scale of opperations possible through and ever expanding network of inTHiNK associates.

Prior to launching inTHiNK in 2010 Matt was Chief Architectural Advisor in the Emerging Technologies group at Microsoft UK for 6 years. His primary role is to serve as an advisor to Microsoft’s customers, and partners, on matters relating to the changing IT landscape and to advise on Microsoft’s technology strategy. He has been involved in delivering a wide range of landmark solutions during this time, most recently focuusing on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform where he is widely regarded as an industry expert on cloud computing.

Matt continues to chair the Microsoft UK Partner Architect Advisor Council, a body of 30 senior industry Architects from Microsoft’s Alliance Partners who provide feedback and advice to Microsoft on matters of product direction and strategy and is the owner of Microsoft Architect Insight, Microsoft UKs premier 2-day architectural conference. He is also involved in a number of Industry bodies focused on the development of sustainable technologies and the evolving world of cloud computing.

Matt brings over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry delivering many mission critical enterprise solutions on both Microsoft and Java platforms. As founder and chair of the UK region of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA), he is successfully building an active and informed community of IT architect professionals within the IT industry in the UK and across Europe and is currently engaged in bringing professional certification to the UK and Europe.

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