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White papers from Matt Deacon

White Papers List of white papers that I’ve produced or contributed to over the past few years:

 Beyond Clouds

Thinking beyond the Clouds: Supply, demand and service-centric IT, 2010.

Produced by Freeform Dynamics in consultation with the Microsoft Architect Council, this report identified a number of trends that are having an impact on the supply, deployment and operation of corporate IT facilities.

“Currently, the impact is being felt most directly within the IT supplier community, but over the coming years the fruits of their labours will more strongly influence the way companies source and integrate IT services. In this report we look at what’s driving the trends and ask how should end-user organisations prepare to make the most of how IT services are delivered?”


Outlook: partly cloudy with sunny spells to follow, 2010.

Report authored by Matt Deacon and Dan Scarfe, dotNet Solutions that discusses the benefits of taking a hybrid approach to cloud computing and describes a simple approach when considering cloud options.



The Arc Magazine, 2008: A 4-part publication that discussed the Microsoft ‘Software + Services’ strategy from a business and architectural perspective:

  1. Software + Services a business perspective
  2. Defining the Architecture of S+S
  3. Principles of Privacy
  4. Reaching for the Sky

Arc1    Arc2    Arc3    Arc4


IT on the front foot, 2008 Sourcing, architecture and the progressive IT organisation

Produced by Freeform Dynamics in consultation with the Microsoft Architect Council, this report identified the characteristics of progressive IT organisations and what they are doing that sets them apart from the pack.

  • There is indeed such a thing as the ‘progressive’ IT organisation
  • Progressive IT organisations reveal a progressive approach to sourcing
  • We can learn from the experiences of more progressive IT organisations
  • Architecture and integration become key elements of progressive IT
  • The goal is for IT to raise its game
Four Reasons to go Green, White paper that spells out the four main arguments for use in convincing your organsiation that green is a good colour to be :

  1. The Environment
  2. The Customer
  3. The Government
  4. The Money
DTS SaaS as a Disruptive Technology, 2007 Investigation into the nature of Disruptive Technology and whether the phenomena known as Software as a Service (SaaS) has the propensity to be disruptive. Contains a useful model for considering products from a disruptive perspective.Published on MSDN in 2007 in Conjunction with Dr Steven Moxey, Manchester Business School.

Register article

Disruptive Technology Framework developed as part of the project:

Disruptive Technology Framework

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